By Laura Mills, PR Account Manager

There is no escaping the news, discussion and debate as to how Artificial Intelligence (AI) will impact on PR and communications, and at Goldings we are continually monitoring the new technologies and assessing their potential impact on our industry and clients.

The recently published report “Reputation Management: How PR and Comms can maintain trust in an AI assisted future” by Vuelio and Danebury Research, provided a fantastic insight into the perceptions of AI amongst business decision makers working across the Financial Services, Utilities, Pharma, Media, Retail and Transport sectors.

Here we share our take on that research and some key points for businesses and PR professionals.

  1. AI is here to stay

AI is already changing how we access information and create content, and this will continue to grow with the release of ChatGPT and related technologies. It is important that businesses and PR professionals fully understand the role that the technology can play in terms of supporting rather than replacing existing communication processes.

  1. PR will be required to protect clients

One of the key responsibilities for PR and communications professionals is to protect their client’s reputation. The report identified that 49% of the business leaders they spoke to are worried they would have to deal with a brand reputation issue due to misinformation from AI – with 82% agreeing that PR support would be required to manage that issue.

  1. More time for creativity

78% of the business decision makers interviewed believed AI will support PR and communications professionals and agencies by freeing up their valuable time for creativity – with technologies such as ChatGPT simply another part of the communications toolkit.

  1. The impact on PR

Looking ahead it is crucial that PR and communications professionals keep abreast of new developments, adopt technologies where appropriate and help educate their clients in AI and its associated technologies.

AI will be an important part of our communications toolkit and could improve efficiency by freeing up time for research, analysis and focusing on the “big thinking” and creative solutions for clients.

However, the rise in misinformation or fake news resulting may result in an increasing demand for crisis communications and effective reputation management strategies.

More information

You can read the full report here.

Or if you would like to chat about how Goldings Communications can support your changemaker organisation, do get in touch.

Published On: August 2nd, 2023 / Categories: Blog /

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