At Goldings Communications we help brands boost their reputation and raise their profile so that the people who matter to them the most know who they are, what they stand for, and what they’re best at.

We drill down to the key objectives

This helps our clients maximise their communications channels – whether that’s in the media, on social, through websites, blogs and thought leadership pieces, and lots more.



Does your existing communications activity leave your audience wanting more?



Do your customers really understand your business offer?



Do you maximise every channel to tell your brand story and key messages?

We have many ways we can help you make an impact and be better known.

Public Relations & Reputation Management

We offer strategic PR and reputation management consultancy and delivery across a wide range of industry sectors. These include service-based / B2B businesses, not-for-profits, charities and social enterprises, franchises, education providers, local government authorities, and public sector organisations. We can pick up short-term projects and manage long-term retainer-based agreements.

Social Media Strategy

An effective social media strategy can really support your PR objectives over the long-term through ongoing storytelling and clear brand messaging. We can help you by auditing your current social media approach, and devise and execute your strategy with engaging content and target campaigns.

Stakeholder & Employee Communications

Communicating effectively with your stakeholders is vital for many organisations, whether it’s keeping them informed about your latest news or growth, or whether you have a sensitive message to deliver. We have experience of delivering highly effective stakeholder communications programmes and community consultations, supporting clients where they need specific help with stakeholder groups.

Media Relations & Press Office Management

We’re experts in traditional, digital and broadcast media relations and running virtual press offices to help our clients get featured in newspapers, magazines, TV, radio and online. Having worked in the media, we understand the news agenda and how journalists work, and have strong existing relationships with a wide range of in-house and freelance reporters. We can help you to develop a plan to make sure targeting the right media outlets in the right way, and shape stories that get published, shared and noticed.

Crisis Communications

We have lots of experience in handling high-profile PR crisis and issues, and offer our clients strategy advice and crisis communications plans. We also provide on-call implementation during critical times for a client’s business.


Goldings Communications provides a range of copywriting services, creating clear and compelling content that has impact and raises your profile. Whether it’s across print or digital media, blogs or newsletters, we find the right words to communicate your key messages and showcase your business.

Thought Leadership & Blogs

Thought leadership comes in many forms, such as articles in the media, talks at sector events and on podcasts, an increased social media presence, professional videos, awards, and more. We explore ways to position our clients as thought leaders in their industry, helping them to amplify their key messages, increase their influence, and open new doors to business opportunities.

Tone of Voice Development & Key Messaging

Having the right tone of voice and key messaging is a crucial part of your PR strategy and it must reflect the values and personality of your business. Ultimately a consistent approach will help you to better reach your key stakeholders and improve your bottom line. We can create effective tone of voice guidelines for your business, and help you to nail your key messages, ensuring that your brand voice stands out from the crowd.


years’ experience

Working across a range of sectors including charities, education, not-for-profits, local government and ambitious, fast-growing B2B businesses.

Award Submissions

Successful award submissions will help your organisation gain exposure, enhance your brand perception, and validate your market position. However, submissions can take a lot of time and effort. Your businesses also needs to have a story worth telling, and you must ensure you adhere to the entry criteria. Goldings Communications can help you navigate the complex entry process, and also help you to maximise your award win. Several of our clients have won awards from entries that we wrote and submitted on their behalf.

Media Interviews, Social Media & Press Release Training

We offer a range of bespoke PR media training to ensure that you are always able to deliver your message clearly and in a way that best represents your brand. Whether it’s interactions with the media, developing ways to communicate your strong keys messaging, or helping to develop your body language, the way in which you deliver your messages is equally important to their content, and we devise bespoke training and courses designed to help achieve what you need.

Media Database & Monitoring

In addition to our database of trusted media contacts, our subscription to a monitoring and distribution service allows us to build relationships with over 120,000 local, national and industry-specific journalists, publications and influencers. We can also use this system to monitor media mentions, ROI and impact.

Be Better Known

If you want to make your business or the organisation you work for stand out from the crowd in this challenging digital age, then we can help it shine.

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