Our PR packages are one-off projects which focus on a specific area of PR.

Choose from our awards strategy, awards writing, PR & marketing strategy, digital PR services or bespoke PR training.

Awards strategy

Successful award submissions will help your organisation gain exposure, enhance your brand perception, and validate your market position. However, finding the right programmes takes time and effort, which is where we come in.

Our comprehensive and fully tailored awards strategy and planning includes:

  • Discovery session to discuss and understand your latest business aims and plans, for example, innovation, CSR, market share, high-growth, apprenticeships/learning and development etc
  • Careful research into awards programmes open to you
  • Creation of a bespoke list of awards covering the next 6 –12 months to include a summary of why they would be beneficial to you / your business, deadlines, category options and recommendations
  • Advice, support and discussion around which programmes you could enter
£995 +VAT

award wins for clients

When it comes to awards writing and submissions, we know what we’re doing.

Award writing – creation and submission

Award-worthy organisations have a powerful story, but they must adhere to the entry criteria to tell it. We can help you navigate the complex entry process, write and submit your application, and also help you to promote and celebrate your award success.

Our awards writing packages are considered on a project-by-project basis as some awards programmes are more comprehensive than others. The average awards application written properly includes interviews with team members and clients and a series of amends – others can be even more in-depth.

Each award-writing project always includes:

  • Research time and as many discovery calls as is necessary with yourselves, clients, partners etc
  • Creation of a single award entry and any supporting documents required (testimonials, case studies, impact reports etc)
  • Professionalisation and design of the supporting documents
  • One-to-one liaison with you at every step of the way (this is important as this process will throw up all sorts of questions about your achievements and future plans – we hold your hands along the journey)
  • Writing of initial detailed drafts
  • Further conversations to agree amendments as required
  • Up to three proofs and final edits
  • Submission of the final award entry on your behalf

After submission we will support you to promote and capitalise your award journey, which could involve PR, social media posts, blogs or liaison with the award team for promotional assets.

£850 TO £3,000 +VAT

90% of the entries we’ve written have reached the finals…

and over 80% of those win an award

PR & Marketing strategy 

We will work with you and your team to research and write your PR & Marketing strategy, helping to steer your future promotional activities and communications.

Our comprehensive and tailored process includes:

  • Discovery session discuss and understand your latest business aims, plans and any developments
  • Summary and agreement on key information to include and steer the strategy
  • Creation of a bespoke PR & marketing strategy
  • Presentation of strategy 
  • Advice, support and discussion around how to implement it

Our PR & Marketing strategies cover:

  • Aims & objectives
  • SWOT analysis
  • Competitor analysis & stakeholder mapping
  • Customer analysis – including pain points, threats, opportunities
  • Target audiences & segmentation
  • Brand personality, proposition & positioning
  • Key messages & tone of voice
  • USPs
  • Tactics and channels – to include PR, social media, networking, digital marketing etc
  • Targets and measurements
£2,000 +VAT

Bespoke PR training

Our bespoke PR training is perfect if you are an in-house marketing manager that does not have the PR skills or resources in your team.

You might feel like you and your team need a helping hand and reassurance, a complete steer and guidance, or possibly you need us as PR experts to help you gain buy-in from senior managers for your PR approach and ideas.

Either way, what we end up creating is a tailored training session to suit your very specific needs.

We cover…

  • Planning and strategy
  • Content ideation and creative pitch ideas
  • Media outreach tactics and tips
  • The art of writing press releases
  • Trade press, thought leadership and repurposing opportunities
  • And lots more – all depending on requirements

Nothing is ‘off-the-shelf’, only highly relevant and useful techniques which we know will work for you in your industry. We keep checking in to offer follow up support down the line too.

£2,000 +VAT

Be Better Known

We’ll help your brand to shine – choose from our awards strategy, awards writing, PR & marketing strategy or bespoke PR training.

Kim Hughes
Kim Hughes

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