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Tried and tested PR principles to boost your online presence in Northamptonshire and beyond

Digital PR is becoming an increasingly popular way of generating quality backlinks on digital platforms, online publications and social media, which means search engines are more likely to recognise your website as credible, trustworthy and authoritative.

Unlike traditional link building for SEO, digital PR uses journalistic storytelling and traditional media outreach to create valuable, newsworthy content, earning you media mentions, coverage and links from some of the most reliable sites on the web.

Search engines are inclined to reward websites that attract genuine, organic backlinks, so investing in one of our digital PR services is a highly targeted, measurable and effective way to increase your reputation and enhance your search engine rankings.

How we approach digital PR

Our digital PR services are delivered in partnership with our trusted SEO partners Eighty Eight Digital, which means you benefit from the perfect blend of PR and SEO expertise for maximum results. Eighty Eight Digital are one of Northamptonshire’s leading SEO and Digital Marketing agencies, so when you pair this knowledge in digital with our extensive experience and expertise in all things ‘traditional PR’, we have the resource to deliver digital excellence.

The greatest difficulty with digital PR comes from nailing newsworthy angles, creating a clear SEO and media outreach strategy, and producing thorough reporting to demonstrate ROI – this is what Goldings Communications and Eighty Eight Digital are good at.

Our digital PR campaigns are entirely bespoke to you and your company, using your stories, data and successes to create content and gain online media coverage.

Between Goldings Communications and Eighty Eight Digital, we manage the whole process – developing unique angles, outreaching to journalists, and carrying out the reporting and measurement.

A typical monthly digital PR campaign could look like:

Discovery session & setting of KPIs & relevant goals

This might be:

  •   Quality and relevance or link volume
  •   Domain authority / trust flow / domain rating

Idea generation / brainstorm topics

The ideation part of the process only ever considers topics that are relevant to you and your business.

Some examples of what these might be:

  •  Timely / seasonal
  • Unique research and data
  • Contrast: best/worst, fastest/slowest, richest/poorest, most expensive/cheapest
  • Maps, city and geographic Studies: least romantic place to live in the UK
  • Surveys: X amount of students, X% of homeowners, X is voted the worst…
  • Studies & Analysis: what is X, and what can we do about it?
  • Expertise led
  • Newsjacking: using your expert opinions on breaking news stories
  • Reactive: tailored to trending news and topics


Creating your outreach list

We use our comprehensive media database to create a bespoke media outreach list of national, regional, local or trade titles and journalists – we manage this process from start to finish


Create your piece(s) based on ideas and our tailored to outreach lists

  •   Gather imagery and any supporting assets
  •   Create accompanying infographics and usable digital assets if required
  •   Approach media and build relationships to generate media coverage

Measure & report

Earned links

  •   Brand searches
  •   Organic visibility
  •   Number of leads
  •   Domain authority
  •   Overall keyword rankings

We have many ways we can help you make an impact and be better known.

Prices from      £3,195 per month


  •   Initial SEO & PR Audit
  •   Digital PR Strategy
  •   Research
  •   1 x DPR Campaign
  •   Monthly Reporting

Prices from    £5,250 per month


  •   Quarterly SEO & PR Audit
  •   Digital PR Strategy
  •   Research
  •   2 x DPR Campaign
  •   Monthly Reporting
  •   Keyword Monitoring

Prices from £8,995 per month


  •   Monthly SEO & PR Audit
  •   Digital PR Strategy
  •   SEO Content Strategy
  •   Research
  •   3-4 x DPR Campaign
  •   Website Content per DPR
  •   Media Monitoring
  •   Monthly Reporting
  •   Keyword Monitoring
  •   Live Dashboard

Other benefits of digital PR…

Digital PR isn’t all about links. In fact, the links only just scratch the surface on the impact DPR can have on your brand

Greater online presence and visibility…

Speed and efficiency: Distribute information and news quickly, and respond to trends and developments to reach a wider audience more efficiently.

Cost-effective: Digital PR relies on online channels, social media, and content marketing, which can be relatively inexpensive.

Audience targeting: Digital PR enables precise audience targeting so you can reach specific demographics and niche audiences with tailored content, increasing the likelihood of engagement and positive outcomes.

Measurable results: Digital PR campaigns are easily measurable. You can track website traffic, social media engagement, click-through rates, and other metrics to gauge the effectiveness of your efforts, allowing for data-driven decision-making.

Social sharing: High-quality, shareable content can attract both media coverage and a broader online audience.

Relationship building: Digital PR enables the building of online relationships with journalists, bloggers and influencers. These relationships can be valuable for future PR efforts and collaborations.

Evergreen content and 24/7 availability: Digital PR content can generate results months and years after it is published and is available 24/7, allowing people to access information at their convenience. This is in contrast to traditional PR, which is often limited by publication schedules.

Delivered in partnership with our trusted SEO partners at Eighty Eight Digital

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